July 12, 2017

The “I Have This Thing With…” Trend

  Obsessions Abound in These Curated Content Collections If you haven’t noticed this yet, you are missing out! There are several Instagram accounts out there that are basically dedicated to obsessing over one thing and one thing only. These curated content Instagram accounts focus purely on one subject. I love a little curated content, so these little Instagram collections are right up my alley. If you’re obsessed with bikes, pink, walls, floors, you name it, there’s pretty much an Instagram account for it. If you have a ‘thing’ with anything, you may find these accounts pretty interesting. They certainly are […]
July 6, 2017

Creating with Colors that Pop!

  These Instagram feeds are color therapy in the palm of your hand. Holy colors, Batman! If you love colors that pop – think hot pink, bright green, a punch of purple – you’re going to want to follow these colorful Instagram feeds. These lovely ladies are creators, makers, and doers with Instagram feeds that are oh-so-colorful and dreamy. If you’re looking for a constant, vibrant, whimsical, mood-boosting, magical rainbow of content, these are the ones to follow!   Sophlog Sophie Loghman is the beauty and brains behind Sunny Peaches, an Atlanta-based lifestyle social media agency. She is a photo stylist, content […]
June 17, 2017

HGTV Home Designers You’ll Want to Follow

  How home design has influenced me and 3 fab HGTV home designers My whole life I’ve been doing something that involves creativity; photography/photo editing, graphic design, creative writing, film making, blogging, you name it. But when my husband and I entered the DIY and home improvement world after buying our first home, to say we had to be creative would have been an understatement. From the planning to the actual design of our renovations, and all the way down to the decorating details…all of it required creativity. My love for DIY and home improvement shows, blogs, etc. instantly grew. Albeit, […]