So, why curated content?

An intro to this lifestyle blog and what led me here

Lifestyle blog, curated contentI’m a mom. My little family is my life. I like good food, good beer, and enjoying those things with good company. I have a passion for style and design. I’m a ‘film school’ grad turned marketer and former DIY and home improvement blogger (you can read all about that here). Needless to say, I love to create. But I have a hard time finding one thing I really – I mean reaaallllyyy – love to stick with. I’m hard to pin down. I do, however, love to observe and admire what others create for sure. So you could say my ‘hobby’, if you will, has really turned more toward exploring the web and just loving all the content I see. This might not sound like much a hobby to most, but it is for me. I love it so much, I want to write about it and share it with the world. Maybe some people will be interested in what I have to share and what I have to say about it.

That is how Curated Common came to be.

I’m always living in lifestyle blogs, on Pinterest and Instagram, loving new and old-favorite products and brands, listening to music, and occasionally watching a little less than a handful of critically acclaimed TV comedy series.  I like to write. This is where my inspiration comes from, so most of what I write about will come from those places. I’ll be writing and posting here, plus loving/sharing content on Instagram. Whether I see something I love out in the world, or something someone else has shared online, I’ll be sure to post about all the good stuff I find.

Join me on this journey.