The “I Have This Thing With…” Trend


Obsessions Abound in These Curated Content Collections

If you haven’t noticed this yet, you are missing out! There are several Instagram accounts out there that are basically dedicated to obsessing over one thing and one thing only. These curated content Instagram accounts focus purely on one subject. I love a little curated content, so these little Instagram collections are right up my alley. If you’re obsessed with bikes, pink, walls, floors, you name it, there’s pretty much an Instagram account for it. If you have a ‘thing’ with anything, you may find these accounts pretty interesting. They certainly are pleasing to the eye! Follow the links below to start enjoying these top “I Have This Thing With…” Instagram accounts:


I Have This Thing with Floors

Encouraging other IG users to take ‘selfeets’ with cool floors, I Have This Thing With Floors is using #ihavethisthingwithfloors to share some fun, floor love. Tiles, carpet, wood flooring, you name it, they’re taking snaps of it. One look at this feed and you’ll be floored.


I Have This Thing With Pink

Pink lovers look no further! I Have This Thing With Pink is an Instagram account sharing, you guessed it, all things pink, all the time. Even if you don’t like pink, you’ll love this account. There is just something so pleasing about seeing a comprehensive collection of photos that share the same color or theme and this one is no exception.


I Have This Thing With Walls

Another fun account to follow, I Have This Thing With Walls focuses exclusively on sharing photos of people (and sometimes pets) in front of cool walls. Whether it’s a brightly colored wall or a full-on mural, it gets featured on this account. another great little collection of curated content revolving around a theme.


I Have This Thing With Hearts

I absolutely *heart* this account. I Have This Thing With Hearts shares a heart in every photo. This Instagram account is also gathering up the best content shared by others too under the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithhearts, so there are endless opportunities for all you heart lovers to enjoy countless photos that incorporate hearts.


I Have This Thing With Bikes

“All the bikes from all around the world” is exactly what you’ll get from I Have This Thing With Bikes. In this feed, you’re guaranteed to see at least one bike in every photo and the result? A lovely little collection of pretty photos featuring bicycles. Bikes in front of buildings, doorways, trees, you name it, they’re sharing it.


If you have a ‘thing’ and you want to see it in your feed daily, chances are there’s an Instagram account for it, curating some fantastic photos that provide you with a quick fix of whatever that ‘thing’ might be.